this is a book about hipsters


The Hipsters is a fictional account of life in New York City, narrated by a reality TV cameraman in his late twenties named John. Annoyed with the Brooklyn hipsters that fill his nights, he decides to humiliate them by filming them, intending to create a mockumentary and use their own words against them. Over the course of a year of filming, however, he gets sucked into the lives of the people he has focused his lens on. His footage spans thirteen intimate, unique stories, none of which fulfill his expectations. Overall, The Hipsters takes an honest and ultimately optimistic look at the difficulties the youth of the new millennium inherited, as well as those it brought upon itself.


The story begins and ends with Shelby. She is the unrepentant hipster who initially provokes John’s anger. Eventually, though, they come to a point of mutual understanding. Nearly all the other characters throughout the book are friends of hers, or friends of friends. Her eventual transformation happens in parallel with John’s, as the two help each other change in unlikely ways that neither expects.


The chapters of the book go back and forth between John’s narration and his filmed monologues of each hipster mockumentary target. The story unfolds alternatively as he sees it, and as the camera sees it. This structure can be seen in the table of contents.


This website will continue to change as the book gains a life of its own. For now, you’re welcome to read the first few chapters for free, or if you’re ready to take the plunge, you can buy the book in paperback or as an ebook.